• Sludge Oil Removal

  • Fresh Water Supply

  • Indian Coast Guard Supplier

  • Experts in shipping Chandling

  • Provisions Supplier & Ship Repair Works


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh Provisions, Dry StoresFresh Meat Items ( Pork.Beef, Polutry, Mutton)

Fresh Sea Food Items(Fish,Squid, Prawns,Crab)

  • Frozen Items(Meat Products & Sea Food Products)
  • Dry Stores
  • Beverages (Fruit Juice / Mineral Water ) 
  • Dairy products (Long Life Milk / Cheese / Eggs) 

  • Bunkering & Lube Oil Supply

Bonded Products

Beer Case
Liquor Bottle

Mineral Water Cases

Deck and Engine room
Navigational Charts 
Cabin & Crew Supplies 
Chemical Cleaners
Computer & Electronics 
Maritime Books
Lifeboat Accessories 
Flares and Safety Equipment 
P.P Ropes & Wire Ropes, Cable & Shackles 

Cabin Stores & Cleaning Materials
Cleaning Supplies (brooms, mops, brushes) 
Laundry detergent 
Paper towel, toilet paper 
Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap) 
Kitchen Supplies