• Sludge Oil Removal

  • Fresh Water Supply

  • Indian Coast Guard Supplier

  • Experts in shipping Chandling

  • Provisions Supplier & Ship Repair Works


24X7 at 365 Days

Orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. In addition to their in-house staff, oceanic agencies have a network of outside distributors and suppliers. We understand the importance of having quality products and reliable customer and service support.

We have Closed & Open Warehouse facilities for storage at Tuticorin with good facilities & clean surroundings 

Clearing & Forwarding 
We have an efficient Clearing & Forwarding Division for clearing ship spares arriving in-transit for delivery on board the vessel. 

Network Facility 
We have network for supply of stores onboard at Chennai, Mumbai, Gujarat & Karaikal Ports. 

We have our own Trucks to speed up delivery of  Supplies On board.